School Age Gymnastics

Below are the descriptions for our Superstars, GymStarz and Advanced Gymstarz programs. These programs are for children ages 5 years and older:

Superstars (5-7yrs)

Superstars students (co-ed)will expand their skill sets on all four of the gymnastics events; vault, bars, beam, and floor. While learning at their own pace, they will master skills such as handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, and kickovers.  While increasing their skill level, they will also be developing self confidence, strength, flexibility, and problem solving skills.  As a Superstar, they will be preparing for the GymStarz program or even the competitive Blast Off program. 

Gym Starz

Our GymStarz students will enjoy new skills every week while focusing on tumbling, balance beam, bars, and vaulting. They will learn to set goals, accept and conquer challenges, and all while having lots of fun. GymStarz students might be recreational or pre-competitive. They can prepare for the Advanced GymStarz class or even the RSG preteam.

Advanced Gym Starz

The advanced gymnasts from the GymStarz program that have mastered back walkovers and all the fundamentals of balance beam, bars, and vaulting. *Must get approval for registration from an RSG Coach.

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